Freestyle in LAAX


Freestyle – LAAX loves it and lives it. With our snowparks and a unique community, LAAX is the playground for everyone. Here you will find the largest halfpipe in the world, an Olympic-sized pro kicker line and five different snow parks with over 90 obstacles. With the Caffé NoName, the community has an ideal meeting place in the center of the LAAX Snowpark.

LAAX has been voted the “World’s Best Freestyle Resort” for the eighth time in a row. These awards demonstrate the quality and diversity of LAAX.

Freestyle in LAAX - that's us

Snowparks LAAX

Want to try out your first tricks and jumps on boxes and rails in the snowpark? In the snowpark for beginners between Crap Sogn Gion and Alp Dado, you can easily get started in the snowpark scene and practise and improve your snowboarding or freeskiing skills on boxes, rails and tables.

  • Level: Easy

If you want to take your riding skills to the next level, the Ils Plauns snow park is the right place for you. Numerous rails, boxes and various kicker lines await you between Crap Sogn Gion and Alp Dado. Here you can quickly learn new ski or snowboard tricks, push your limits and perfect your style.

  • Level: Medium

“P60 all day!” – If you’ve ever been to LAAX, you know this feeling and desire. Here you will find the most versatile rails, boxes, slides, pyramid walls and industry pipes – all in one run. On a slope length of 1000 meters you will also find the Pro Kicker Line where four Olympic-sized kickers await you and are part of the LAAX OPEN every year.

  • Level: Pro/Medium

Do you want your jumps to be even more spectacular? Then conquer “The Beast” halfpipe on skis or snowboard. Europe’s largest superpipe awaits you in the legendary NoName Snowpark with a length of 200 meters, a width of 22 meters and a unique height of 6.90 meters for freeskiing and snowboarding. There is also a mini pipe for your first jumps.

  • Level: Pro/Medium

The Free60 combines the two worlds of freestyle and powder and is not groomed like a conventional park, but left entirely to nature. The park stretches alongside the piste from Crap Sogn Gion towards Plaun. The snow-covered elements promise a lot of fun in powder, from beginners to pros, here you can let off steam and experience the feeling of freedom.

  • Level: Easy/Medium/Pro

Freestyle events

Laax Open Logo

Europe’s most prestigious freestyle ski and snowboard contest takes place annually at Crap Sogn Gion. The snowboard night finals in the floodlit superpipe are always a highlight. From January 14 to 18, 2025, the FIS World Cup in LAAX will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Around 300 athletes from all over the world will arrive with their best tricks in their luggage.


Freeride: A feeling of freedom and lightness. LAAX also offers a deep snow dream away from the slopes. Among other things with yellow marked freeride routes, which are secured by avalanche blasting. This means that even less experienced freeriders can dive into the deep snow.

The right equipment and basic knowledge are important for freeriding. The Freeride Base on Nagens is “the place to be” for such topics. Powder experiences can be exchanged over a good coffee and inputs for off-piste descents in deep snow can be passed on.